About Sharni...
Australia's Leading Endermologist
Sharni Taylor
Sharni is an Advanced Paramedical Endermologist & Therapeutic Trainer with a long background in the Paramedical Health, Wellness & Beauty industry, including tenures with two of the previous Australian LPG Distributors as well as Exhibitor / Guest Speaker appearances at the Sydney Spa & Beauty Expo and the Mind Body Spirit Festival. 

In 2017 Sharni was announced in the Top 10 ABIA (Australian Beauty Industry Awards) Therapist of the Year and in 2016 was the recipient of both the Sutherland Shire Local Business Youth Award & the Shelley Wood Award for Hope, Courage & Inspiration.

Sharni has been trained as both a Natural Therapist & a Paramedical Therapist. She combines her knowledge, experience and broad range of treatment modalities from both Natural and Paramedical approaches to devise her treatment plans. Sharni possesses intimate knowledge of the LPG technology and how it interacts with the human body at a cellular, tissular, muscular & systematic level and as such, Endermologie is her chosen speciality, along with Transdermal Skin Applications.

After her battle with cancer she developed a special interest in; Stress & Pain Management, Scar Therapy particularly Post Radiation Fibrosis, Pre & Post Surgical Care and Muscoskeletal Disorders such as Frozen Shoulder & Spinal Compression (Bulging, Herniated & Degenerating Discs).

​Sharni’s knowledge is derived from her personal experiences and studies of Naturopathy, Biomedical Pathology, Massage, Energetic Healing Arts and careful review of the many Scientific Studies carried out on the physiological effects of Endermologie treatments and transdermal skin applications. 
​Sharni aspires to provide hope, care, support and inspiration for people who have difficult and challenging circumstances, especially after her own battle with cancer.
She is most driven by her desire to free people from debilitating pain, stress, scars and conditions.

Since returning to the industry (after cancer treatment) Sharni has been sought after as both trainer and mentor for therapists & clinics across the country. She is known for her dynamic and memorable treatments & teaching exprerience and has developed the 'Treat - Educate - Inspire' philosophy for her learners to follow to success. This is the same philosophy she applies in her own treatments at Alkaline Clinic in Sydney's Potts Point.
Did you know that
Sharni is a Cancer Survivor?
Sharni is a Stage 3, Head & Neck Cancer Survivor
​In September 2014, she was told she had 3 months to beat this cancer or it was game over...
Donna Taylor, Sharni's mother recounts their journey
My daughter Sharni was 21 years old when she developed a chronic mouth ulcer on the underside of her tongue. After 6 months of having the ulcer, it was surgically removed and found to be a squama cell carcinoma. We were totally gob smacked as she has never smoked, rarely drinks and has a relatively healthy lifestyle. Her only known risk factor was stress.  

After the first surgery, she needed a second resection which revealed more malignant tumours. By this stage we realised it was very serious, Sharni had to give up her job and move back home with us to the Mid North Coast. She was then referred to Royal North Shore Hospital - Head & Neck Cancer Team for further treatment. She underwent her third surgery in three months, this one being a major surgery - almost 10 hours to again resect the tongue & floor of her mouth, then reconstruct her tongue & mouth using a tissue transplant from her arm. Numerous lymph nodes were also removed during this surgery to test for signs of cancer cells.  
After a week in intensive care and another week in the burns unit, Sharni was released to continue recovery at home. Our joy was short lived as we were advised that the cancer was extremely aggressive & given the news that she was actually a Stage 3 (70% of the tested lymph nodes were infected with cancer) and would need to undergo further urgent treatment, specifically radiation & chemotherapy. We were given 2 weeks at home for her to regain her strength and prepare for the next battle. We returned to Royal North Shore Hospital where she underwent 6 weeks of radiation and chemotherapy at the same time, she was hospitalised after the third week and remained in hospital for 6 weeks due to the effects of radiation and chemotherapy. Her weight dropped from 57kg down to 45kg to the point of her stomach rejecting food, but we continued to fight. Finally, she was released from hospital 2 days before Christmas in 2014, we were able to take her home to continue
​her recovery.  

Relay For Life
Pamper Tent

Determined to move forward, she enrolled in TAFE and completed a Diploma course over the next 12 months with great support from her family & TAFE teachers. Once she regained her energy and strength she was invited to become an Australian Endermologie Trainer by the Australasian Trainer Shelton Bailey (Endermologie is her area of professional speciality). She began teaching in short trips around Australia and decided that she would include the topic of Stress in her educational presentations,having learned it's significance in Chronic conditions.

Once she felt ready we helped her move to the Sutherland Shire where she returned to full time clinical work and became a part of Cancer Council's Relay for Life. For the last couple of years she has organised the Pamper Tent for other survivors and carers at the Relay For Life event.   
Sharni continues to teach around Australia and now practices out of the Alkaline Clinic in Potts Point, Sydney of a Wednesday, Friday & Sunday. She has developed a special interest in those conditions that she experienced during or as a result of her cancer journey.

For example, she loves to work with Chronic Pain which she experienced for 2 years with her ulcerations, surgeries, radition and chemotherapy. She also experienced symptoms similar to Frozen Shoulder and Spinal Compression as a result of being in a hospital bed or bed in general for so long. Her muscles deteriorated, particularly her hamstrings and trapezius muscles, to the point that she couldn't sit up without support and developed a prominent hunch. Sharni had nerve damage through her left hand & arm from her tissue transplant and had to learn to use her arm, wrist and hand again. She suffered very sensitive and reactive skin, her face was red and angry for almost 12 months after treatments and she still suffers fibrosis in her neck. I understand that these are now her favourite conditions to work with because they are quite personal to her, but she's come through them herself so can treat her clients with empathy. It's great to see her take positives out of this whole experience and turn it into a tool for helping others.

​- Donna Taylor

Sharni & Donna Taylor
18months on from Cancer